Springbank, Canada

General Dentistry serving Springbank, Canada

At our core we are a family dental practice. We are located in NW Calgary and provide all facets of general family dentistry with the philosophy that the best dentistry is no dentistry. Our focus is on education and prevention and taking the long view for your oral health.


We provide both conventional orthodontics (metal brackets and wires) and Invisalign clear aligner trays, and we also have a talented group of orthodontists that we work closely with when orthodontic treatment is more complex.

Teeth that are in their right places look better, work better and last longer, and there are several reasons why this is so. Your smile sends a message to the world and we believe that there is beauty in imperfection.  However for some people, orthodontics plays an important and conservative role in improving the appearance of their smile.


The gums and bones supporting your teeth are vulnerable to infection and inflammation, which can cause gum disease and even tooth loss. Inflammation affects your whole body. and can play a role in heart disease. diabetes. hypertension and other serious health issues. We help you protect your health and your smile with regular cleaning and maintenance from our periodontal team.


Springbank is a community of people in a rural setting in southern Alberta. They are located within these boundaries:

  • West of Calgary
  • East of Highway 22
  • Aouth of the river Bow
  • And north of Elbow Valley

This tiny community is connected to the city of Calgary through the Trans-Canada highway nearby and the lower Springbank Road (which is north of Highway 8.

Just like Bearspaw in the north, which is across the Bow River, and Elbow Valley situated south of it, Sringbank consists mostly country residential lands developed with estate homes.

Parts of Springbank, the eastern sections to be precise, were occupied by Calgary since the earlier years of the 1980’s. Calgary has now opted to develop these sections together with other Calgary neighborhoods.

The name Springbank originated from the Springbank Creek, flowing southeast into Elbow River. The area has a number of springs which break out of the smaller ravines which are all over the area. In the early times the settlers found habitation around the springs.

  • Within Springbank, the planned community of Harmony occupies approximately 707ha of land. This community is situated next to the Springbank Airport. This community is expected to expand into a residential unit with over 3500 dwellings, accommodating about 10,000 people.
These dwellings will include the following:
  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Semi-detached dwellings
  • And single-detached dwellings.

The community plans to build more buildings for commercial retail, more business parks and schools are also in the pipeline. Other attractions envisaged for the near future are playfields, a golf course, greenbelts and a recreational lake.

Springbank also has several popular attractions that can’t be ignored. Some of them include:

Calaway Park: This is a large family amusement park located in Springbank. It has been in operation since 1982. It has a number of rollercoaster rides, including a log flume. Apart from those it also has a 56-seat swing ride, plus many more amusement rides that are unique to it.

In total the park boasts over 27 different games, about 22 food stalls, and over 33 rides. It covers an area of about 90 acres.

The Park was built to attract a number of different age groups and is considered one of North America’s safest amusement parks.

Apart from the Park there are also a number of golf courses including the Elbow Springs Golf course, the Springbank Links Golf course, the Glencoe Golf and Country Club, and the Pinebrook Golf Club.