Our Process

Our dental team provides attentive dental care for the whole family, at all key stages of life. Our process ensures that you are continually informed at each stage of treatment and that your short and long term health goals are addressed. Your overall health depends on a proactive and realistic plan that can accommodate both expected and unexpected challenges. Our services include: restorative dentistry, dental implantsocclusion, TMD (TMJ), and orthodontic and periodontic treatments.

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We begin our relationship with a series of conversations. Conversations about what matters to you and how you feel about your oral health.

Two different people with the same dental problems can have two very different treatment plans and navigating the many paths that health care can take is a difficult task.

We are here to help unravel the complexity and help guide you to decisions that are best for you.
We are working together.

Health care used to be about “The Doctor” telling you what to do and you following his instructions.

Nowadays, the clinician’s role is less about dictating than it is about being a guide. Healthcare providers can’t teach you dentistry, or medicine, or physiotherapy, but knowing a lot about you helps us guide you through the treatment pathways available to you.
The Long Road
It’s important for you to understand in the condition of your oral health today and dentistry has become very good at showing what can happen in the future.

We want to show you your future. If you know what problems are likely to occur in the future, you can plan for them rather than reacting to them.
Defensive Dentistry
Dentists have become very good at predicting risk and preventing disease; if we have the opportunity to identify risks and plan to mitigate them, we can hold off problems for a long time.

Creating a personalized strategy to defend against potential problems makes this prevention possible.

But bad things still happen, in spite of everything we do. Cavities, gum disease, bite issues and changes in your smile’s appearance will happen over time – knowing what is coming allows small interventions now rather than large ones later.
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