Heritage Woods, Canada

General Dentistry serving Heritage Woods

At our core we are a family dental practice. We are located in NW Calgary and provide all facets of general family dentistry with the philosophy that the best dentistry is no dentistry. Our focus is on education and prevention and taking the long view for your oral health.


We provide both conventional orthodontics (metal brackets and wires) and Invisalign clear aligner trays, and we also have a talented group of orthodontists that we work closely with when orthodontic treatment is more complex.

Teeth that are in their right places look better, work better and last longer, and there are several reasons why this is so. Your smile sends a message to the world and we believe that there is beauty in imperfection.  However for some people, orthodontics plays an important and conservative role in improving the appearance of their smile.


The gums and bones supporting your teeth are vulnerable to infection and inflammation, which can cause gum disease and even tooth loss. Inflammation affects your whole body. and can play a role in heart disease. diabetes. hypertension and other serious health issues. We help you protect your health and your smile with regular cleaning and maintenance from our periodontal team.

Heritage Woods

Heritage Woods is considered an unincorporated community. It is located in the province of Alberta, Canada, within the Rocky View County. It is recognized by Statistics Canada as a designated place, which means that it is identified for statistical purposes.

Heritage Woods is located 0.87 miles south of Highway 563 and on the west side of Range Road 24. It is adjacent to the city of Calgary from the east side. Because it is considered a designated place by Statistics Canada, it was included in the 2016 Census of Population.

In this census Heritage Woods recorded a population of 112. They occupied all 35 of the private dwellings available for residence. Heritage Woods occupies land area of a mere 0.15 square miles with a population density of 743.8 per square mile.