We’re Growing!

On March 1, 2021 the team at Brentwood Dental Centre will be welcoming some new members, and we’re very excited!

To all of the patients who will be joining us, we are ready to welcome your smiles with smiles of our own!

Dr. Sylvia Kowalewski will be moving in from Laser Assisted Dentistry, previously located in the Foothills Professional Building just 10 minutes away. Dr. Ocampo from our office has already been working with her there during her transition period to our office.

Her dedicated staff members will also be coming along, and we’re looking forward to welcoming them all.

This addition will allow us to improve our service offering for new & existing patients.

Dr. Kowalewski has over 35 years experience in dentistry as a DDS. She has been providing care for her patients at Laser Assisted Dentistry since 1992 and was one of the first dentists in Canada to incorporate the use of lasers in dentistry.

Her values match what we believe in at Brentwood Dental Centre, and she combines a love for the latest advancements in dentistry with a preventive approach to each patients’ unique needs. She’s a firm believer in patient education, compassion, and ensuring you have the right information to make the right choices about your dental care.

For new & existing patients, we’ll have even more to offer you starting in March 2021.

Expect to see some new faces, and know that the level of care that you’ve come to expect will only be improving!

Dr. Sylvia Kowalewski, DDS

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