Dental Crowns: Knowing When the Time is Right

Dental Crowns: Knowing When the Time is Right

One of our treatment coordinators has this posted in her office.  I think it’s fantastic.

Dentists will talk about dental crowns when teeth are so broken or decayed that we are worried that a fracture will occur, or when we wouldn’t expect a regular filling to last very long.  The picture below shows teeth with really big fillings, gaps forming around the fillings and cracks in the remaining tooth structure.  We never get to see our teeth like this, blown up on a computer screen.  Scary.

Once all the old filling, decay and weak parts of the tooth are removed, there isn’t much healthy tooth left behind. A crown is a covering for the tooth that holds all the pieces together.  Here are a couple of videos to help illustrate the process.

What’s in it for you, you might ask?  Well, if you chose not to complete a crown on these teeth, for example, bad things would likely happen.  New cavities can form in the gaps between teeth, cracks can form in weakened tooth structure and parts of the tooth can fracture away, making them difficult, if not impossible to repair.

When do I need it?  Good question.  The idea of as little dentistry as possible for as long as possible is important to us.  We as dentists have to make educated guesses about when to intervene and we do the “…not too early, but not too late either…” dance every day.

Our process of getting to know your dental needs and your goals for your oral health, and our practice of showing you what we see helps make some of these decisions.  We discuss the benefits of different treatment options and the likely outcomes of choosing no treatment, and this allows you to decide when crowns might be right for you.

Dental crowns can keep weak teeth from breaking and they might just make you feel just a little more like a princess too.  Bonus.

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